• Burl Bowls

    Burl Bowls

    Made from a variety of Australian native timbers
  • Banksia


    All items are made from the Western Australian banksia grandis
  • Burl Clocks

    Burl Clocks

    Unique time pieces made from Australian native timbers
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Welcome to OzTimber Treasures

located on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.
Merv Bailey specialises in burl bowls, clocks and lamps plus a variety of items made from the Australian Banksia. All burl items are authenticated by Merv with his signature, type of burl and country of origin ie M.Bailey Mallee Burl Australia
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It’s not known exactly how burls are formed but the general belief is that they develop after damage to trees by parasites. Burls are unique and because of their formation, they display unusual textures, patterns and colours when worked by a skilled craftsperson. Read more on Wikipedia